Zheng Yuanjie's Fairy Tale: A Little Tiger Enters the City

Episode 1

Little Tiger's family lives in the forest. He hasn't been out of the mountains since he was born, and his mother always takes him by his side. In the past few days, the little tiger heard that there are many interesting places in the city, so he wants to go to the city to see.

"Mom, I want to go to the city." The little tiger leaned against his mother and said.

"Going to the city?" Mom was taken aback, "Why are you going to the city?"

"I heard that there are There are so many interesting places, but our mountains and forests are too monotonous." The little tiger learned the word "monotonous" from nowhere.

"This is impossible. There is a zoo in the city, which specially keeps our animals in cages for exhibition. Once you go, you will be caught." Tiger mother shook her head. Her sister was imprisoned in the zoo.

"But I'm a little tiger!"

"They don't care if you are a big tiger or a little tiger!" Tiger The mother persuaded her son to let him live in the mountains and forests honestly.

But the interesting things in the city are too attractive to the little tiger, so he is determined to go to the city to have a look.

This afternoon, while his mother was out looking for food, the little tiger quietly left home and ran towards the city along the road.

Beside a big tree, the little tiger met a cat walking towards him.

"Where are you going alone?" the cat asked the little tiger.

"Go to town!" said the little tiger.

"Going to town?" The cat was taken aback.

"I want to go play. Is it fun in the city?" asked the little tiger.

"There are many interesting places, such as the kindergarten, there are swivel chairs, slides, and swings..." said the cat.

Zheng Yuanjie's Fairy Tale: A Little Tiger Enters the City

"What is a kindergarten?" Little Tiger heard it for the first time.

"Kindergarten is a children's paradise, there are many, many children in it." The cat is very willing to open the eyes of the little tiger.

The little tiger often heard his mother call him a "child", soAsk the cat: "Can I enter the kindergarten?" The cat almost laughed out tears: "I have never heard of tigers entering the kindergarten, and you have scared the children to cry!" "Aren't we all children?" Do you?" Little Tiger didn't believe that the children in the kindergarten would be afraid of him.

"I advise you to go home. If you go to the city, you will be caught. I hope you think about it. There is a tiger on the street. It will be strange if you don't catch it!" Cat Kindly persuade the little tiger.

"Thank you, I'm leaving." The little tiger bid farewell to the cat and continued to walk towards the city.

He has a stubborn energy, and he has to do whatever he wants to do.

The little tiger took a few steps and stopped. He thought about it carefully, since both his mother and the cat said that the city was dangerous, then there must be danger, and it would be safer to wait until dark before entering the city.

The little tiger got into the grass beside the road and took a good sleep.

It's getting dark. The little tiger quietly entered the city under the cover of night. No one found him.

The city is really beautiful, with spacious concrete roads, towering buildings, shuttle cars, colorful shops, and the little tiger's eyes are dazzled.

He saw a lot of toys in a gate, "This must be a kindergarten," the little tiger thought. He walked in gently.

The children in the kindergarten have gone to bed and are ready to go to bed. The auntie turned off the lights, but the children are still not asleep.

The little tiger got into the house. He saw so many small beds, one next to the other, and thought it was very fun. He came to a small bed and secretly looked at a boy lying on the bed.

This boy is called Yaqi, he is very courageous, and he is the "big king" in the class. Yaqi couldn't sleep, he just watched the "Animal World" program on TV, he really envied those animals living in the big forest. At this moment, Yaqi saw a black shadow squatting in front of his bed.

Yaqi rubbed his eyes, ah, a little tiger! He was excited. Yaqi likes tigers the most, and his father took him to the zoo to play since he was a child. Strange to say, there are so many animals in the zoo, but Yaqi likes tigers. However, Yaqi felt sorry for those tigers, how bored they were locked in the cage!

Yaqi looked through the railing of the bed and asked:

"Hello, little tiger, since Where did you come from?"

The little tiger was startled at first, and turned around to run away, but he felt that Yaqi was very affectionate, and he didn't seem to have bad intentions.

The little tiger said: "Hello! I come from the forest outside the city."" Yaqi opened his eyes wide: "I thought you escaped from a zoo or a circus. The day before yesterday there was a show on TV that a British circus ran away with two tigers, scaring away everyone on the street. , How funny." The little tiger lost his guard, he felt that this boy could be his friend.

"Why are you not staying in the mountains and forests, what are you doing in the city?" Yaqi asked.

"I heard that there are many interesting places in the city, and I want to come and see them. But my mother won't let me come, she said that the people in the city are not good, and she will put me in a cage or send me to the circus. " said the little tiger.

"Don't worry, with me protecting you, you can play in the city to your heart's content. When you have enough fun, take us to the mountains and forests to see and see!" Yaqi sat up and patted his chest. That is, the little tiger came all the way to the city from the mountains and forests. It would be too uninteresting to put him in a cage.

The little tiger is happy.

Other children heard the voice and sat up one after another. Yaqi introduced the little tiger to everyone. The children were all excited, and they all promised to let the little tiger have a good time in the city. A few timid children were a little afraid of the little tiger at first, but after seeing how cute the little tiger is, with a tiger head and a tiger brain, they are not afraid anymore.

Auntie heard the chaos in the dormitory, went into the room and turned on the light. She almost fainted from fright! Seven or eight boys were talking around a tiger, and the other children were sitting on the bed watching.

"No...No...Okay! Come on...Come on!" Auntie shouted loudly.

The principal of the kindergarten and many teachers and aunts rushed over after hearing the sound, and they were all stunned by the sight in front of them.

"Yaqi, where did you get the tiger?" The director dared not come over, she stood at the door and asked.

He saw a tiger appear in the child's dorm room - although it was not likely to be a tiger! She was terrified, and she would not be responsible for biting a child!

br>"Come from the mountains and forests." Yaqi patted the little tiger's head.

"Come from the forest?" The director was puzzled.

"Run from the zoo?" a teacher guessed.

"Call the zoo!" the director ordered.

An aunt turned to leave.

"Can't call the zoo!" Yaqi said loudly.

"Why?" asked the principal.

"The little tiger came to the city to play. He heard that there are many interesting places in the city. We should be his guide and take him to play. Why send him to the cage of the zoo Li!If the little tiger is put in a cage, he will never see his mother again. Teacher, don’t you often tell us to help and care for small animals?” Yaqi said.

The headmaster has nothing to say, yes, isn’t the teacher teaching the children to help each other every day? Yes, but this It’s a tiger! The director is in a dilemma, she must be responsible for the children’s safety, but she doesn’t want to cast a shadow on the children’s hearts.

Yes, if she informs the zoo to catch it Little tiger, what would the children think? Isn't this teaching them to be bad?

"Him. ..... Doesn’t he bite people?” asked the principal.

“Why should I bite people?” The little tiger spoke, “They are all my friends. ""Please, teacher, let the little tiger stay, and don't send him to a cage in the zoo. "All the children in the class said in unison, and many of them were crying.

Episode 2

Yaqi and the whole class asked the principal and teacher not to call the zoo. The principal Moved by the kind hearts of the children, she agreed to their requests.

"Is this too dangerous?" an aunt was worried.

"I and the little tiger talk. "The headmaster finished speaking and walked up to the little tiger.

"Can you promise me one condition?" The headmaster squatted down and asked the little tiger.

The little tiger nodded.

br>The principal said: "You can't bite the children!"
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