Youth Digest: The kindness of others is not the reason for your presumptuousness

Kindness needs to be sharp to be more perfect

"Dayi brother" Zhu Zhiwen still lives in the countryside after becoming famous, he is really a down-to-earth celebrity. However, since the short video live broadcast became popular, local villagers and netizens came to film him one after another, filming him working in the field, feeding chickens, eating, and everything. Some people left their farm work and bought a car in less than a year just by making videos of Zhu Zhiwen. However, Zhu Zhiwen, who was followed and filmed all day long, was not clean, and he didn't even have a chance to have a good sleep or watch TV to relax. Even if he was photographed by everyone all day long, even though he felt helpless, he would not refuse. He always had a smile on his face. He said: "The visitor is a visitor, and he is from the village. Look up and see you."

However, some people regard Zhu Zhiwen's kindness as weakness, or even as a presumptuous reason, and they don't feel that they disturb others or violate their rights. Some people went through the door of Zhu Zhiwen's house to take a video, and some people jumped to Zhu Zhiwen's house in the middle of the night to live broadcast his family sleeping. Zhu Zhiwen had no choice but to raise the fence, and wrote on the door: private residence, no entry, climbing is dangerous, and the consequences will be at your own risk.

What's even crazier is that on the afternoon of April 15, 2020, another group of people visited Zhu Zhiwen, and saw that the door of his house was closed, and a person was holding a bag of melon seeds in his hand, shouting "open the door, open the door" ", seeing that no one answered inside, I heard the person next to me say: "Break it open for him, let him open the door." At this time, another man with a cigarette in his left hand and wearing sunglasses came over and said to Guazi Nan: " Don’t you stomp (kick the door), don’t you dare to stomp?” The melon seed man said: “I will stomp three feet, you stomp two feet.” Then the melon seed man stomped three times, and seeing that the door was not opened, the man in sunglasses went straight to the door, Shouting the chant: "One, two, three!" He leaned over and flew up with a kick, and with a "bang", he kicked the door of Zhu Zhiwen's house flying with just one kick.

The people who watched the excitement didn't think it was a big deal, and they even booed and applauded. Many people took pictures of this scene with their mobile phones, but no one came out to stop it. After kicking open the door, the man in sunglasses swaggered to show his ability in the crowd: "It's okay, it's okay, I stomp as soon as I should, Zhu Zhiwen doesn't dare to control me. What's so great about kicking the door, it's okay, it's okay." The appearance of a rogue is annoying. Afterwards, the Guazi Man and the Sunglasses Man slipped away.

Zhu Zhiwen, who was watching peonies with a few guests in the backyard of his home, came out when he heard the movement, and looked helpless when he saw the broken gate. Some villagers persuaded him: "Don't be as knowledgeable as those two people, forget it." Then the surrounding people immediately gathered around, vying to take photos and record videos with Zhu Zhiwen. After that, Zhu Zhiwen went to the market to buy materials and repaired the gate. Regarding this matter, Zhu Zhiwen was not without grievances. He said: "I can lower the bottom line again and again, but you can't think I have no bottom line; I can swallow my anger again and again, but you can't think I am unconscious." Some media interviewed Zhu Zhiwen by phone and suggestedDiscuss him: "Those two are too arrogant, you can call the police!" Zhu Zhiwen said: "People like them are rude and ignorant. We can't have the same knowledge as him, and we don't want to hold them accountable."

Zhu Zhiwen is still as tolerant, generous, kind and kind as ever. Although Zhu Zhiwen did not want to be held accountable, in view of the fact that the two men who kicked the door violated the law, the local public security agency immediately launched an investigation. On April 18, the police station of Guocun Town, Shanxian County, Heze notified that after investigation, Dong wanted to see Zhu Zhiwen after drinking. When they arrived, seeing that the door of Zhu Zhiwen's house was closed, they kicked open the door with Zhou, who was also at the scene. Dong and Zhou are not from Zhu Zhiwen's hometown, and they don't know each other. Two people have been arrested, and they have been detained for 10 days according to law for picking quarrels and provoking troubles. On the evening of the 18th, Zhu Zhiwen posted a video response saying: "The public security organs have dealt with the two parties in accordance with the law, and the matter has been satisfactorily resolved. Fans' behavior after drinking can be forgiven, but everyone must abide by the law."

Zhu Zhiwen The incident of being kicked at the door of the house has aroused many people's reflections. There are always some people who wantonly probe into the kindness of others, and even go further. In a society ruled by law, the kindness of others is not the reason for you to be wild and arrogant, but you should know how to respect the kindness of others.

Youth Digest: The kindness of others is not the reason for your presumptuousness

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