The entrepreneurial story of Shen Nanpeng, the godfather of Chinese investment and the founder of several listed companies (2)

The entrepreneurial story of Shen Nanpeng, the godfather of Chinese investment and the founder of several listed companies (2)

[Founding Sequoia Capital]

5 years of Ctrip experience has made Shen Nanpeng, who likes challenges, overwhelmed with the tedious daily affairs of the company.

In August 2005, he chose to go solo again, and co-founded Sequoia Capital China Fund with Zhang Fan, a fellow returnee, and started his career in venture capital.

From investment bank to investment, Shen Nanpeng feels that he has found a career that can maximize the value of his life.

"The difference between investment bank and investment is that the former is facing more mature companies, and the time they have spent together will be shorter. Generally, investment banks and underwriters break up after earning some underwriting fees; while investment You have already entered the company when it was still in its infancy, and you will experience a period of hard work with the company. You will be with the company for at least five or six years, you will join the board of directors, and you will have more time to contact the company's senior management. Therefore, the relationship between investors and enterprises will be closer.”

【Bringing connections with ideas】

Shen Nanpeng is a confident person, when others are taking advantage of various occasions When making relationships and building contacts, he abides by his principles and looks for investment opportunities with his keen market sense.

In Shen Nanpeng's relationship circle, it is difficult to find someone who can lead him to some kind of success. Instead, he often becomes the "golden contact" of others involuntarily.

"At that time, I attended a conference in California, and Zhang Fan met the main partner of Sequoia together. Because of my experience in the operation of Ctrip and previous experience in investment banks, Zhang Fan has excellent investment performance, We talked very speculatively together, and the concept was very compatible, so we established Sequoia Capital China Fund."

The entrepreneurial story of Shen Nanpeng, the godfather of Chinese investment and the founder of several listed companies (2)

"From my point of view, Zhang Fan may be my network; and from Sequoia From a different point of view, Zhang Fan and I are also Sequoia’s contacts.”

This is a typical Shen Nanpeng-style network-promoting method, that is, using the chemical reaction produced by the idea of ??matching to promote contacts. "Maybe we were not very familiar with each other, but the common philosophy will make us become each other's network. We are Sequoia's partners, not the cooperation between the parent company and the subsidiary, but the cooperation of partnership."

Years of experience in investment banking have enabled Shen Nanpeng, who aspires to become the "Godfather of Investment" of Chinese capital, to form his own investment philosophy: it is not to find a certainPeople like Welch will definitely be able to make a fortune, and there must be good projects and common ideas to integrate. The "golden pulse" of the investment industry is ideas.

"The venture capital industry often talks about investing in people. Maybe you have worked in this industry for a long time, have rich personal experience, and have a large number of contacts in the industry. Turn this relationship into investment , what is needed is a good entry point. For example, I may have known Qi Xiangdong and Jiang Nanchun for a long time, but without a specific matter to present each other’s ideas, there will be no chemical reaction, no cooperation, and no Turn relationships into investments.”

Relying on one’s own network to make money is a state of investment; turning oneself into the network of others and leading others to success is another state of investment, Shen Nan Peng belongs to the second category.

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