Story Meeting: [New Legend] Deadly Route

Professor Fang retired from the Agricultural University and returned to his hometown of Bailitan after decades of absence.

My hometown has changed a lot. The small fishing village that used to rely on the sea is now a marine chemical city. Wei Bing, the director of the county party committee office, was Professor Fang's former favorite student. When he heard that his teacher had returned to his hometown, he was the first to greet him.

After three glasses of wine, Wei Bing's cell phone rang suddenly. Wei Bing left the seat to answer the phone, and he returned to his seat after a long time, his expression not as relaxed as before. Professor Fang asked with concern: "Is there anything wrong?" Wei Bing sighed and said, "The deputy county magistrate is looking for me. There is nothing urgent. Two months later, a factory in the county that has attracted investment will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its opening. The county requires that it be unique and innovative, so I worry about it!"

Professor Fang laughed and said, "The teacher can help with this matter. Come on, you have a drink first, and I will tell you right away." You!"

Wei Bing was dubious, raised his glass and drank it down. Professor Fang said: "I have planned this kind of ceremony before, just for celebration. If a pair of homing pigeons descend from the sky during the ceremony, with small ribbons on their ankles, and write some blessings, wouldn't it be very innovative? It’s like joy falling from the sky.”

Wei Bing suddenly smiled and said: “It’s a coincidence, I heard that Mr. Wang, who invested in this factory, is a fan of pigeons. The effect of this must be very good. The county magistrate also hopes that he will invest in another large-scale factory. What about the oil refinery! Time is running out, where can I find such a good pigeon?"

Professor Fang said: "You are still my student, have you forgotten? I am an expert in the study of carrier pigeons! I I happen to have a pair of pigeons on hand, and they won a grand prize last year. Their current appearance fee is no less than a second-rate singer, haha!"

Wei Bing looked surprised: "As long as the ceremony is wonderful, I am willing to give out a first-rate singer The appearance fee!"

After the banquet, Wei Bing quickly wrote out the ceremony plan with Professor Fang, and arranged for Professor Fang to meet with Mr. Wang.

President Wang was very satisfied with the plan, and made a request, hoping that the pigeons would fall from the sky and finally land on the rostrum.

Professor Fang is very sure about his pigeons. The next step is to train the pigeons to land on the rostrum of the ceremony. Professor Fang discussed with Wei Bing. Professor Fang first trained the pigeons to land next to him. During the ceremony, he sat by the rostrum as a guest, so he was very sure. In order to be more on the safe side, Wei Bing rented a courtyard for Professor Fang near the Bailitan Square where the ceremony was held, and put the pigeon cages in the courtyard, so that the pigeons are also familiar with the environment of the square, so they are sure to be safe.

There was still a week before the ceremony, and there happened to be a carrier pigeon competition in the neighboring county. Professor Fang asked Wei Bing to sign up. He wanted to check it out, just in case. On this day, Wei Bing personally accompanied Professor Fang to the competition site in a neighboring county with a pigeon cage. It's a fifty-kilometer roadAll the pigeons were first brought to the end of the release, and after everyone set up their respective cages, the pigeons were carried by the car to the start of the release. Professor Fang waited confidently. For about half an hour, two gray dots appeared in the sky, and then they flew closer, circled around, and landed firmly on Professor Fang's shoulders. Wei Bing jumped up in surprise and applauded again and again. After a long time, other pigeons flew to the finish line one after another. Wei Bing was completely relieved now.

On the day of the ribbon-cutting, the weather was not very good, the south wind was blowing slightly, and the sky was full of haze, like a heavy fog. Wei Bing sent a car early, and Professor Fang asked the driver to drive the car to a wasteland 30 kilometers away from the ribbon-cutting site, then opened the pigeon coop, and waited for Wei Bing's phone instructions. The driver took out four glittering anklets from two brocade boxes and handed them to Professor Fang. Professor Fang took it in his hand, and saw congratulatory words engraved on the anklet, and it felt heavy in his hand. Professor Fang thought to himself, this is gold, and he suddenly remembered a line of poetry: If the wings of a bird are covered with gold, they cannot fly. He was a little hesitant, but it was too late to change the anklets now. Fortunately, the journey was not far away, and the pair of pigeons had to work harder.

At 8:18, Professor Fang's mobile phone rang, and he heard Wei Bing excitedly announce at the venue: "The opening ceremony of the coking plant in our county, invested by Mr. Wang, begins now! Light it up! During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, a pair of pigeons will descend from the sky, bringing blessings to the new enterprise..."

Professor Fang understood, he gently grabbed a pigeon, put on an ankle ring, and threw it into the sky , The pigeon flapped its wings vigorously, and flew away with a "hudahuda". Then he grabbed the other one, put the ring on the pigeon, and threw it into the air.

"Go back." Professor Fang waved to the driver, "The pigeon will definitely arrive at the venue within 30 minutes!"

Professor Fang came to the ribbon-cutting site by car, and there was a fat man on the rostrum While speaking, Wei Bing looked around anxiously. Seeing Professor Fang, Wei Bing hurriedly led him to the rostrum and sat down. Wei Bing said: "The time is just right!"

Professor Fang said: "After a while, the pigeon will arrive, you pay attention to the sky "

Wei Bing nodded. The groundbreaking ceremony was still going on, and Professor Fang frowned when he saw billowing black smoke coming out of the chimney after the start of construction

At this time, Wei Bing ran behind Professor Fang and asked anxiously: " It's time for the 'Happiness from Heaven' session, what's going on, why hasn't the pigeon arrived yet?"

Professor Fang was also confused, thought for a while and said, "Could it be because the gold anklet is too heavy? Why didn't you tell me that the anklet is gold?"

Wei Bing said disapprovingly, "Is there a better symbol than gold falling from the sky?" He raised his wrist and looked at his watch, "Oh , It’s been more than 30 minutes, I’m going to make a fool of myself!”

Professor Fang was also a little anxious, and both of them raised their heads to look at the distant sky. Suddenly, Wei Bing was pleasantly surprised to find two people in the distance. A little black dot, he excitedly jumped onto the podium for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, andA person who looked like a leader whispered a few words, then grabbed the microphone and announced loudly: "The exciting moment is coming..."

Everyone followed Wei Bing and looked up. At this time, two black dots Flying close in the foul air.

"Quack—quack—" Everyone took a closer look, and it turned out to be two crows! The crow's cry seemed to be mocking Wei Bing: "Fool—fool—" Wei Bing's face was ashamed like a purple eggplant.

There were murmurs at the scene, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony ended in an awkward atmosphere.

Professor Fang's mind went blank, until someone came over and said to him: "It's over!" Said: "The county magistrate scolded me, and Mr. Wang was also very disappointed, alas..."

Professor Fang returned to the courtyard with a complicated mood, and put the pigeon coop back in the courtyard. But until noon, the pigeon cage was still empty, and the pigeon that had won the prize had not returned. Professor Fang was puzzled: "Where did you go to play? Or did you encounter misfortune?"

The next day, Professor Fang got up early in the morning and ran to the pigeon coop to open his eyes. Look at the eyes - the pigeon cage is still empty! On this day, Professor Fang visited the pigeon coop every once in a while, but until the dead of night, the pigeon coop remained silent.

On the third morning, Professor Fang was already desperate. He opened the courtyard door and stood in the courtyard brushing his teeth. Suddenly, he heard a "cuckoo" sound under his feet. The scene in front of him was stunned: I saw two pigeons, covered in black, twisting their bodies like little penguins, walking towards him with a wag!

Professor Fang lowered his head and picked up a pigeon. In an instant, he felt sticky in his hand and smelled a pungent smell. Then he looked at the two paws of the pigeon, which were covered with asphalt oil , The pigeon's claws have become webbed! Open the pigeon's wings, there is not only asphalt oil, but also a layer of black powder, and it seems to contain chewing gum. Among the various unpleasant smells, there seems to be a smell of distiller's grains...

Professor Fang suddenly realized, he went back to the room Opening the map of the county and finding the route for the pigeons to fly, he fully understood: near the place where the pigeons were released, there was a newly built liquor factory, then the newly opened coking plant, and then a ring road that was being paved with asphalt, and finally the pigeons could be released. Arriving at the meeting place... After the pigeons flew up, they must have been drunk by the smell of distiller's grains. Then, when they flew near the meeting place, just in time for the opening ceremony of the coking plant, the black powder from the chimney stuck to the feathers of the pigeons , and finally the pigeon landed on the asphalt road, its paws were covered with asphalt. The pigeon came back on foot, trekked to the square, and rubbed chewing gum again...

Looking at the other pigeon, the content on the body is also rich... It took two whole days for the two pigeons to complete this task. A short 30-kilometer journey... The professor took the two dying pigeons and found the county party committee office. When he saw Wei Bing, he put the unrecognizable pigeon on Wei Bing's desk. Tears...

Story Meeting: [New Legend] Deadly Route

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