Story meeting: [Legendary Tale] Sniper

During the Anti-Japanese War, a group of the Eighth Route Army was stationed at the foot of Dahong Mountain. There is a soldier named Liu Tiegen in the army, who always has trouble with the local hunter, Uncle Wu.

On this day, Uncle Wu went to Company Commander Geng again angrily, and complained angrily: "Xiao Geng, discipline Liu Tiegen well! Look at my big asshole!"

Big Hui is the little wolf cub that Uncle Wu picked up while hunting, and he guards the house for him. Big Hui is very docile, and Uncle Wu treats it like a treasure.

Company Commander Geng saw that Da Hui's face was swollen and his body was covered in blood. Company Commander Geng frowned. This was the fourth time Liu Tiegen bullied Da Hui. Company Commander Geng shouted outside the house: "Call Liu Tiegen here!"

After a while, Liu Tiegen came, and when he saw Uncle Wu and Dahui, he immediately lowered his head. Company Commander Geng shouted: "Liu Tiegen, what's the matter? How many times have you been criticized, but you still can't change it!" Liu Tiegen muttered, "Why can't you fight? Wolves are beasts that eat people. What if something happens?" Uncle Wu was dissatisfied. Said: "Dahui has been following me, very well-behaved!"

Commander Geng waved his hand and said, "Liu Tiegen, are you reasonable? Dahui belongs to Uncle Wu. Soldiers of the Eighth Route Army must abide by discipline and not touch The common people stitch by stitch. I will punish you!"

At this moment, a soldier rushed in and shouted: "Company Commander, it's not good, something happened!" Company Commander Geng and the others rushed out of the house, When we came to the threshing ground at the head of the village, the bodies of three soldiers were laid out one by one on the ground. Company Commander Geng felt extremely sad, this was again done by a sniper sent by the enemy.

The only passage from the base of Dahongshan troops to the outside world is Yerengou. To the east of Yerengou is Lion Mountain, and to the west is Phoenix Mountain. The squad leader said that today, he led people to search Lion Mountain, and everyone separated in a skirmish line, only gunshots were heard, but no one was seen. The snipers sent by the devils hid on the Lion Mountain and kept changing their ambush points. After a short time, three soldiers were sacrificed.

Liu Tiegen followed behind Company Commander Geng, inspecting the wounds of the three soldiers. The sniper's marksmanship was not only accurate, but also ruthless. The gun shot into the brain from the left eye. Liu Tiegen stared at the wound in a daze, and Geng Company Commander turned his head and whispered to him: "Liu Tiegen, this marksmanship is very similar to yours..." Liu Tiegen nodded, and said thoughtfully, "Yes, Company Commander, and the opponent's marksmanship is better than mine. It's okay."

Although Liu Tiegen is only eighteen years old, he has been hunting with his father in the mountains since he was a child, and he has acquired excellent marksmanship. In order to obtain the entire animal fur, he has a unique skill: the bullet only hits the animal's eyes, leaving no bullet holes in the fur. Company Commander Geng has seen Liu Tiegen's superb marksmanship before. In an anti-sweeping battle, Liu Tiegen shot and killed more than a dozen Japanese soldiers and puppet troops, including three enemy officers. Company Commander Geng discovered that the wounds of the three enemy officers were shot into the brain from the right eye. After that, Company Commander Geng transferred Liu Tiegen to his side.If he moves, arrange for him to fight the enemy commander.

Back to the company headquarters, Company Commander Geng paced back and forth anxiously. The superior sent a secret telegram to inform that the leaders of the military division will come to arrange the autumn counterattack in a few days, and the Savage Ditch is the only way. By then, the military division leaders on horseback will not be the target of snipers? We must find a way to get rid of that sniper. From the point of view of marksmanship, there was only one sniper sent by the enemy.

Company Commander Geng thought for a while, and said to Liu Tiegen: "Liu Tiegen, I order you to lead someone to guard, and you must get rid of the opponent's snipers." Liu Tiegen straightened his chest and said, "I promise to complete the task!"

Liu Tiegen took two fighters with good marksmanship, climbed up Phoenix Mountain in the early morning, and hid themselves separately. After the sun came out, Liu Tiegen lay down in the grass, his eyes constantly searching the opposite Lion Mountain. Savage ditch is more than ten meters wide, and there is no pedestrian on the road. Liu Tiegen was drenched in sweat, and his eyes kept searching every hidden spot in Lion Mountain. Suddenly, he discovered that on the halfway up the Lion Mountain, there was a place of weeds shaking slightly, and there was a huge boulder next to it, which was an excellent hiding place. The opponent's sniper entered the ambush point, but Liu Tiegen stared at it for a long time, but there was no movement from him.

A burst of drowsiness hit, just when Liu Tiegen was negligent, the gunshot suddenly rang out, and a comrade not far away was shot and died! Liu Tiegen's eyes were moist, damn it, he missed the best time! He wiped away a tear and aimed his gun at the hiding place of the opponent's sniper. However, until it was dark, the sniper never moved again.

Liu Tiegen and his comrades carried the sacrificed soldiers back to the company headquarters. Company Commander Geng said sadly to Liu Tiegen: "Just squatting on guard is a stupid way, you have to think about how to lure the enemy! Tomorrow I will be a bait to lure the opponent's snipers Shoot, you will kill him! I run fast, he may not hit me."

Commander Geng is an important military officer in the army, how can he be put in danger? Liu Tiegen immediately objected, saying: "Commander, I have a plan to lure the enemy."

Commander Geng urged: "Speak quickly."

Liu Tiegen said: "Let Uncle Wu's big ashes Lure the enemy."

Companion Commander Geng looked at Liu Tiegen suspiciously, and said, "Are you trying to take the opportunity to kill the wolf? Besides, the target of the opponent's snipers is the Eighth Route Army soldiers, not the wolf. If he shoots at the wolf , Isn’t that exposing himself? Is he so stupid?”

Liu Tiegen hurriedly said: “Company Commander, please listen to my explanation.” Liu Tiegen said, judging based on the marksmanship of the opponent’s sniper and today’s contest , He was sure that the sniper was a traitor, a hunter from his hometown of Eagle Ridge: Dahu. Liu Tiegen is very familiar with this marksmanship and ambush style. In Eagle Ridge, only Dahu's marksmanship is more accurate than his. Then, Liu Tiegen talked about a past story——

One year, Dahu's father went hunting in the mountains and didn't come back for a long time, so his mother asked Dahu brothers to go up the mountain to have a look. The two brothers went up the mountain with a shotgun and found their bloody father. Father said intermittently that he encountered a wolf while hunting and the shotgun misfiring,Had to fight the wolf, the wolf died, and he was seriously injured. His father died in Dug's arms, and Dug vowed to kill all the wolves to avenge his father! After his mother died of illness, Du Hu lived with his younger brother, killing wolves whenever he saw them, and his marksmanship was extremely accurate. Later, when the Japanese army came, the villages near Laoyingling were bloodbathed. Liu Tiegen managed to escape down the mountain to join the Eighth Route Army, but he never saw Dahu again.

Liu Tiegen murmured: "It never occurred to me that Duhu should be a traitor. He really shouldn't be!" Not surprising."

After listening to the story, Company Commander Geng took Liu Tiegen to find Uncle Wu. After Company Commander Geng told the story of Duhu in detail, Uncle Wu listened, patted his chest and said: "Okay! Kill the traitor, I am absolutely unambiguous. Da Hui died, and it is considered a sacrifice for the country. It is worth it. Da Hui is the best!" Listen to me, I'll take it with me."

Before dawn, Liu Tiegen and the others went up to Phoenix Mountain and set up an ambush at the designated location. After the sun came out, Liu Tiegen stared at the opposite Lion Mountain. At noon, based on the slight movement of weeds, Liu Tiegen locked the position of the sniper Duhu. Duo probably observed for a long time, and made sure that Lion Mountain was safe before he dared to enter the ambush position. Moreover, he replaced the ambush position in the weeds.

Liu Tiegen pulled the rope around him, and the rope went around the ridge, guarding an Eighth Route Army soldier. The soldiers of the Eighth Route Army received the signal and quickly ran to Uncle Wu's side, telling him to let the wolf go. Uncle Wu wiped his wet eyes, patted Dahui's head reluctantly, and pointed to the foot of the mountain. The big gray arrow crossed the ridge and ran towards the foot of the mountain. This is an open area, and Dahui is completely exposed to the range of the sniper Duhu. Da Hui ran down the mountain, seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the foot of the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, there are weeds everywhere, Dahui will be safe, and the plan to lure the enemy will fail. Liu Tiegen knew in his heart that Duhu was hesitating.

Finally, the gun rang, and Da Hui fell to the ground, rolling down the mountain with inertia. Immediately afterwards, Liu Tiegen's gun also rang.

When Liu Tiegen returned to the company headquarters, the soldiers had already carried the body of the sniper Duhu to the threshing field. Liu Tiegen came to the corpse and knelt down, hugged the corpse, and cried.

Companion Commander Geng shouted: "Liu Tiegen, this traitor killed our four soldiers, and he deserves to die. What tears are you shedding for the traitor?"

Liu Tiegen shouted: "This... this is my brother Ah!" He cried out heartbreakingly.

Hearing this, Company Commander Geng was stunned. No wonder Liu Tiegen couldn't help hitting Da Hui, he is Du Hu's younger brother! If you don't kill a wolf, you will be sorry for your father's spirit in heaven.

Company Commander Geng patted Liu Tiegen on the shoulder, and said in a low voice: "Cry, I understand. The previous punishment is revoked now. You can repay your merits by killing your relatives righteously!"

Story meeting: [Legendary Tale] Sniper

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