Story meeting: [Folktale] Rules of Jinjiazhai

In the legendary Jinjiazhai, the secret to preventing banditry is not only the solid iron wall, but also those special rules...

Bandit Heart Resurrected

In the early years, there was a Jinjiazhai in the south of Jiangxi, with high walls and thick defenses. The bandits on Erlang Mountain had attacked many times, but the village was impenetrable, and the bandits gradually stopped gnawing on this hard bone.

After many years of recuperation, Jinjiazhai has become very rich. Recently, Zhou Heibao, the head of Erlang Mountain, has set his sights on Jinjiazhai again.

On this day, Zhou Heibao called his military adviser Bai Banmo and his second master Hu Biao to discuss the matter. When Hu Biao heard it, his eyes widened like copper bells: "Master, you want to attack Jinjiazhai? I don't know how many brothers you have broken before, don't you remember?"

Zhou Heibao said: "Now the business is getting better and better. Worse, I robbed a few villages a while ago, and dug three feet of the ground without finding any valuable goods. If this continues, the brothers will drink the northwest wind. If you can win the Jinjiazhai, it will not open for ten years , and still enjoy the taste and drink spicy food."

Hu Biao heard this, and said: "It's the reason for being a master, but Jinjiazhai is easy to defend and difficult to attack, so there is no way to fight!"

>Zhou Heibao smiled "hehe": "Forcing attack is definitely not enough, what about outsmarting?"

Bai Banmo squeezed his goatee and said: "The big boss is right, the Jinjiazhai has been peaceful for decades , Now the defense must be lax. As long as we plan well, we are not afraid of no chance."

The next day, Zhou Heibao went down the mountain to check the situation in person. He disguised himself as a shopkeeper and came to Jinjiazhai. The Jin Family Walled City is three feet high, the walls are five feet thick, and there is only one iron gate to enter and exit the entire village. Once the gate of the village is closed, it is like a copper wall and an iron wall. Zhou Heibao wandered around the village for a day, and in the evening, a villager on patrol said to him: "The gate of the village is about to be closed, you should go out quickly!"

Zhou Heibao smiled and said, "Brother, I came here for the first time, and I missed the time, can I stay overnight in the village?"

The villager said: "Our village does not allow outsiders to stay overnight, this is a rule. There are special guest rooms outside the village. , you can spend the night there."

Zhou Heibao had no choice but to leave the stockade and find the guest room. Although the interior is simple, it is clean and simple.

At night, Zhou Heibao was lying on the bed and couldn't sleep. He thought: To capture the village, the only way to do it is to open the gate, but the gate is strictly guarded, how should we start?

Make up your mind

At this time, another person came in the guest room, who seemed to be familiar with this place, took off his coat, fell asleep, and Zhou Heibao deliberately found an opportunity to chat with him.

The man said that his name was Jinsi, and he was from Jinjiazhai. Because visiting relatives came back late, I can only sleep here for one night, and then enter the village tomorrow.

Zhou Heibao was surprised and asked: "You are from the village,Won't you shout to open the gate? "

Jin Si said: "It's the rule of the village not to open it even if you shout. For the sake of safety, the gate of the village will not be opened after it is closed. If you miss the time to enter the village, you have to stay in the guest room for one night. Everyone in the whole village is the same, even our Jinzhai Lord is no exception. "

Zhou Heibao asked: "So, no one can enter the village at night?" "

Jin Si shook his head: "That's not true, there is only one person, and you don't need to sleep in this guest room, you can open the gate at any time." "

Zhou Heibao asked curiously: "Who is that person?" More important than the village owner? "

Jin Si proudly said: "You don't understand this!" In our village, Mr. Private School has special care. "

Zhou Heibao's heart moved, he got up and took out half a bag of shredded tobacco in the cargo load, and handed it to Jin Si: "Brother, I can't sleep anyway, so just tell me what's going on!" "

When Jin Si saw the shredded tobacco, he regained his energy. He sat up cross-legged and said: "Since the establishment of the Jinjiazhai, from the owner to the villagers, everyone respects you very much, so we Talented people come forth in large numbers in the village, and it has been prosperous for a hundred years. There are special regulations in the village that the husband is not allowed to sleep outside, and whenever the husband returns to the village, he must open the gate of the village. "

Jin Si went on to say: "The current master of Zhaizi is Wu Keyi, who is from Yu County. He has been teaching in our Zhaizi for 20 years. Some Zhaizi's father and son have been his students for two generations. . "

Zhou Heibao nodded: "This is a good rule." Parents and teachers of heaven and earth, you should respect your husband, no wonder your village is so prosperous. "

The next day after dawn, Zhou Heibao entered the stockade again and stayed near the private school on purpose. Not only did he meet Wu Keyi, but he also heard the news that Wu Keyi was going back to his hometown in three days to celebrate his mother's birthday. Zhou Heibao happily hurried After going back to the mountain to discuss, he had a countermeasure: hold Wu Keyi hostage, force him to lie to open the gate of the village, and take the opportunity to enter the village.

Bai Banmo pondered for a long time, and felt that although this plan was good, it was risky. Wu Keyi is a scholar , the old man is timid, and if he is nervous and afraid that he will show his flaws, it will ruin the big thing. Besides, the brothers are not familiar with the situation in the village, so they may suffer losses if they rashly fight at night.

Zhou Heibao thought about it and felt that It also makes sense, so I asked Bai Banmo what kind of clever plan he had.

Bai Banmo said: "Have Wu Keyi robbed, and ask him to write a letter to Jinjiazhai, saying that he is suddenly seriously ill and cannot return to the village. I'm going to take over the position of Mr., and I'll do it after I find out the situation in the village. "

Zhou Heibao said happily: "The military division is still thoughtful. The ink in the stomach of the military adviser is by no means less than that of Wu Keyi, and he will definitely succeed in no time! "

Stealing the beam and changing the post

Three days later, Wu Keyi really rushed back to his hometown, and Zhou Heibao sent people to follow him. When Wu Keyi returned, he was robbed to the mountain.

Wu Keyi a At first he was unwilling to cooperate, Zhou Heibao threatened to kill his whole family, Wu Keyi had no choice but to agree. Wu Keyi wrote a letter, stopped halfway through writing and asked Bai Banmo: "Since you are going toZhaizi needs a name, what name do you think should be chosen? "

Bai Banmo asked back: "Anyway, they are all pseudonyms, so what's the point?" "

Wu Keyi said: "This happened suddenly, and the person I recommend must not be too far away. Just change your name to Wu Kesheng and say you are my cousin, so that it will be easier for the Jinzhai Lord to believe you. "

When Zhou Heibao and Bai Banmo heard it, they felt that it made sense, and nodded in agreement. After the recommendation letter was written, Bai Banmo read it several times and felt that there was no problem, so he asked the relevant people in the village in detail Seeing that Zhou Heibao understood the situation similarly, he felt relieved.

Bai Banmo came to Jinjiazhai and met the owner of Jinzhai. With Wu Keyi's recommendation letter, the owner of Jinzhai firmly believed and was enthusiastic Hospitality, arrange for Bai Banmo to take over the post of Mr.

Bai Banmo is worthy of being the military advisor of Erlang Mountain. He really has ink in his stomach, and he quickly won the approval of the villagers. The villagers often invite him to their homes, Bai Banmo took the opportunity to grasp a lot of situations.

In a blink of an eye, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and the village is also busy. Jinjiazhai has a lot of business, and many relationships need to be managed. Every New Year's Day, people will be sent out to give gifts.

On this day, Bai Banmo met with Zhou Heibao in the town and talked about the situation in the village. Zhou Heibao said: "So, the security in the village has been poor recently, and many young and middle-aged people have gone out. This is an opportunity, let's do it before the Mid-Autumn Festival! "

Bai Banmo shook his head: "Master, no way!" The more holidays there are, the stricter the security in the village. Not only will there be more guards at night, but the master of Jinzhai will also lead the team himself. "

Zhou Heibao asked: "When will we wait?" "

Bai Banmo said: "September eighteenth, when the festive season is over, the guards will return to their usual appearance. I checked, and the two villagers guarding the gate that night had children studying in private schools, which was a good opportunity to trick the gate into opening. However, those two Walled people had a bit of kung fu and had to be subdued quickly. "

Zhou Heibao said: "It's easy to handle. Then Hu Biao and I will go there in person to ensure that there will be no delay." "

Bai Banmo nodded, and gave Zhou Heibao a picture: "This is the topographic map of Jinjiazhai I drew, so that the brothers can get familiar with it. "

Success fell short

On September 18th, Bai Banmo left the stockade with an excuse, and met with Zhou Heibao to discuss the final matter.

In the middle of the night, Zhou Heibao and Hu Biao pretended to support Bai Banmo, came to the gate of the village and shouted: "Open the door, Mr. Wu is drunk, we will send him back, open the door quickly! "

The gatekeeper looked over the city wall, and immediately greeted his companions: "Mr. Wu is back, open the gate quickly!" "

The iron gate opened, Zhou Heibao and Hu Biao helped Bai Banmo into the gatehouse, suddenly drew a sharp knife from their bodies, and stabbed the two villagers.

The two seemed to have a relationship At this time, a few figures jumped out from behind the door, waving sticks, knives and forks together, Zhou Heibao and Hu Biao were caught off guard and were quickly knocked down to the ground.At that time, the door was quickly closed.

Besides, the bandits in Erlang Mountain followed quietly, and when they saw that the gate had been opened, they rushed up immediately, but when they got to the front, they saw that the gate was closed again. When I was surprised, there was loud gunfire from the top of the city, and a large number of bandits fell down. The other bandits retreated hastily, not caring about the life and death of the masters.

After Zhou Heibao was arrested, he thought about it all night and couldn't figure it out: How could such a perfect plan be revealed?

It turns out that Jinjiazhai respects his husband very much. All the gentlemen who have taught in the village for more than ten years will be the distinguished guests of the village all their lives. No matter how far or close the husband's home is, congratulatory gifts must be given every year and festival. This rule has remained unchanged for many years.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the owner of Jinzhai was concerned about Wu Keyi's illness, so he carefully prepared a congratulatory gift and sent someone to Wu's family hundreds of miles away early.

When the gift-giving villagers arrived at Wu's house, they realized that Wu Keyi had left home and returned to the village a long time ago. The villagers felt that something was wrong, so they hurried back to report.

When the master of Jinzhai heard this, he felt that something was wrong. He took out the letter of recommendation and studied it carefully, and finally found a clue: Wu Keyi once said about the seniority of their Wu family, the word "Ke" would be the generation with the word "Sheng", and it was impossible for the Wu family to take the name "Kesheng". At that time, the owner of Jinzhai didn't think much about it. Now it seems that Mr. Wu is telling him that there is something wrong with Wu Kesheng.

Thus, the master of Jinzhai sent people to secretly watch Bai Banmo, monitor his every move, saw him and Zhou Heibao secretly meeting, and only then discovered their identities and conspiracy in time.

Zhou Heibao now understands: Jinjiazhai has been prosperous for a hundred years, in addition to the solidity of the city wall, there is also the inheritance of rules.

Jinjiazhai hated the cunning and viciousness of the bandits, and immediately spent a lot of money to invite officers and soldiers to go up the mountain to suppress the bandits. Those bandits have no leader, no fighting spirit, and they will collapse at the first touch. The officers and soldiers rescued Wu Keyi and burned down the bandit's lair. The banditry in Erlang Mountain was eliminated, and the Jinjiazhai returned to its former peace.

Story meeting: [Folktale] Rules of Jinjiazhai

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