Readers: Make a name for profit

In 1862, the U.S. government began to build a railway line across the North American continent, and the development of railways required the construction of iron bridges, locomotives and steel rails. Carnegie concluded that the American steel market would have a bright future. So taking advantage of the situation, a steel company integrating supply, production and marketing was established.

Soon, the U.S. government began to build the Pennsylvania Railroad, and Carnegie wanted to be the exclusive supplier of rails for the Pennsylvania Railroad. However, many famous steel companies in the United States are eyeing this big business. Compared with them, Carnegie's steel company does not have any advantages. How to win the rail supply contract of the Pennsylvania Railroad? Carnegie racked his brains for a solution.

After work this day, Carnegie saw an older child and several younger children chattering around a rabbit in the yard. Carnegie paused, wondering what they were arguing about. It turned out that the rabbit was pregnant and would give birth to several little rabbits soon. But the older boy didn't have time to cut the grass to feed the little rabbit, so he said to the little children, whoever can provide the little rabbit with grass to eat, he will name the little rabbit after whom. This method was really attractive, and the children all rushed to ask to cut the grass for the little rabbit.

Seeing this, Carnegie suddenly had an idea, and a good idea to win the Pennsylvania Railroad rail contract was born in his mind. The next day, Carnegie found the president of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Egg Thomson, and said that he had built a new steel plant in Pittsburgh, which would be named after "Egg Thomson." After hearing this, Egger Thomson immediately received Carnegie with a smile on his face, and finally agreed to buy the steel rails produced by Carnegie's factory without any conditions. Since then, Carnegie's steel company has been thriving, and finally became the famous steel king in the United States.

In life, fame and fortune are two words. Some people seek fame, and some seek profit. Giving up what he doesn't value in exchange for what he wants, as a businessman, Carnegie's wisest choice is to gain fame and fortune.

Readers: Make a name for profit

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