Perseverance: the other side of success needs to be constantly climbed

Persistence: The other side of success needs to be constantly climbed

Founder of American "Black Digest" magazine, president of Johnson Publishing Company, and owns three radio stations The famous John H. Johnson is famous all over the world, and he has successfully set a good example for American citizens, especially black Americans.

In 1927, the embankment of the Mississippi River in Arkansas, USA was washed away by a flood, and the nine-year-old Johnson’s family members were all buried under the water. Fortunately, the moment the flood was about to swallow him, his mother pulled him onto the embankment forcefully slope.

In 1932, Johnson graduated from the eighth grade. Middle schools in Arkansas City did not admit blacks. If he wanted to continue his studies, he could only go to Chicago. At this time, my mother made the astonishing decision to let Johansen go back to school for another year, while my mother washed, ironed and cooked for a full fifty workers, and saved money for him to go to school.

In the summer of 1933, the family finally made up enough hard-earned money, and his mother took him on the train to the strange Chicago. In Chicago, mothers struggled to support their mother and son by working as servants. Johnson studied very hard, graduated from middle school with honors, and later successfully completed college.

In 1942, he started a magazine, but the last hurdle was a lack of $500 in postage, and he was unable to send letters to would-be clients. A lending company is willing to borrow money, but there is a condition that it needs a piece of property as collateral. Mother had bought a new batch of furniture in installments for a long time, and it was undoubtedly the favorite thing in her life. But she finally agreed to mortgage the furniture.

Perseverance: the other side of success needs to be constantly climbed

In 1943, the magazine was a huge success. Johansen was finally able to do what he had dreamed of for years: put his mother on his employee payroll and tell her that she was a retired worker and would never work again. That day, my mother cried, and Johansen cried too. After so many years of ups and downs, the mother and son have depended on each other for life, and it is time to reap the rewards.

But after a period of time, everything he managed seemed to be at the bottom of the valley, and he was facing huge difficulties and obstacles at that time, as if he was unable to recover. He was depressed, thinking that his many years of hard work would go to waste, and more importantly, he felt guilty for not being able to let his mother live a stable and happy life. He told his mother: "Mom, it seems that I am really going to fail this time."

"Son," the mother said with determination after hearing what he said, "Have you tried hard?" "Tried." "Have you tried very hard?" "Yes." Good," mother said decisivelyEnding the conversation angrily, "As long as you work hard, you will never fail."

Sure enough, he overcame the difficulties and climbed to a new peak in his career.

No matter what you do, as long as you give up, you will have no chance of success; if you don't give up, you will always have the hope of success. Giving up means you are afraid of difficulties and success. We have every reason to believe that all outstanding achievements have been ruthlessly hit, but these successful people can continue to climb and finally achieve brilliant results. Destiny is all about fighting, and fighting is hope. There is only one kind of failure, and that is unwillingness to climb.

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