Looking for a child

That night, I scolded my son again for something, and the scolding made my son's face black, and he kept silent. Later, he said he was hungry and wanted to go downstairs to buy something to eat. Unexpectedly, after the son went downstairs, he never came back.

I thought my son was depressed, so I went to sleep at a classmate's house.

The next day, the son still did not come back. I panicked and called all my relatives and friends, but they all said I hadn't seen him. After searching for two days, there was no news of my son. I realized that my son had run away.

I often hear this kind of bad luck from others, but I didn't expect it to happen to me now.

It's the holiday, my son's classmates are all scattered, and it is very difficult to find his classmates. So, I ran to school, found my son's class teacher, and copied the phone numbers of my son's classmates in a book. When you get home, call one by one. The classmates also said that they hadn't seen him, only one boy gave me a little hope, saying that he added his son's QQ, and immediately went to QQ to catch him.

I waited patiently for a long time, the boy called and told me that my son was not online all the time, he had already left a message, and I don’t know if he will reply or not. He enthusiastically told me the two group numbers, saying that his son was in these two groups. I immediately turn on the computer and want to join the group. One group quickly accepted the request and added me. After I joined the group, I soon saw my son's screen name "Bad Bad Boy", and his profile picture was indeed dark and offline. I spoke up and said, "Who knows where the bad boy is?" A man named Xiaobazhu asked me who I was and why I was looking for the bad boy. I thought about it, and posted: "I heard that his father had a car accident." As soon as the astonishing words came out, the profile pictures in the group immediately lit up. What made me almost jump up with joy was that the head of the bad boy also lit up.

"Old boy, who are you? You are spreading rumors, be careful I beat you!" said the bad boy. The group of friends said that the old boy is new, it is probably a rumor. The bad boy is invisible. If I speak again, the naughty boy just ignores me.

I have been staying by the computer, thinking hard about how to catch my son again. It suddenly occurred to me that my son usually played online games, and talked about a game weapon that could be sold for money. So, I spoke and said, "I have a weapon for sale." The profile pictures in the group lit up again, asking what kind of weapon was it and what was the price? I don't understand this again, so I wittily said: "If you are interested in buying, please add me and chat privately."

The little overlord took the bait and added me. The son didn't take the bait. I stabilized the little overlord, revealed my true identity, and told him frankly about the conflict between myself and my son, and the reason why my son left this time. The little overlord was very righteous and promised to help me, saying that his QQ version is powerful and can detect the exact address of the other party. The little overlord went there for a while, and said that he had found the current address of the bad boy. It was an Internet cafe called "Imagination" in my city.

Looking for a child

I immediately got on my motorcycle, arrived at "Imagination" in 10 minutes, and caught my son who had been away for three days.

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