Inspirational story: take you around the world with $3,000

This summer, Zhu Zhaorui traveled around the world with 11 dreams. In 22 days, he visited more than 20 cities in 8 countries on five continents, including Britain, Morocco, the United States, New Zealand, and Fiji. Over the world travel addiction.

"My business is to help more people travel around the world with the best price-performance ratio." Zhu Zhaorui said confidently, pointing to a huge world map behind him.

Five years ago, 31-year-old Zhu Zhaorui started a 77-day global tour by taking paid leave after obtaining an MBA degree in the UK. He spent 3305.27 US dollars and traveled to 28 countries and regions in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and North America.

"My starting point for traveling around the world is very simple. One is to extend and expand my MBA study, and the other is to realize my childhood dream of traveling around the world." Zhu Zhaorui said frankly.

But what he didn't expect was that this casual trip around the world was hyped by domestic and foreign media. CCTV alone gave him 18 programs. His two books, "With $3,000, I Traveled Around the World" and "How I Obtained a Visa from 40 Countries", sold 400,000 copies and were collected by the British Library and the Cambridge Library. He was dubbed "Economic Travel Scientist" and gave speeches at hundreds of colleges and universities such as Peking University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, and Nankai University...

"I never thought of being famous or publishing a book in my life." Zhu Zhaorui said modestly, "It was the first time I gave a speech in Shanghai when I came back from a world trip. I saw so many people and I was shocked."

That day, a friend organized a world trip for him in Shanghai lecture. As soon as he arrived at the lecture venue, he went straight to Meng, "Hey, the two floors are full of people, even the stairs are full of people, and there are people carrying cameras", all waiting to hear him talk about the "economic travel" that costs US$3,000 to travel around the world. ".

"Actually, I have tasted the sweetness of economic travel since I was 18 years old." Zhu Zhaorui happily recalled the past of his first solo trip.

At that time, when he was buying a train ticket in Shenyang, he found that there was a regulation on the railway: "If a passenger gets off the train for some reason, he can change his ticket at the halfway station, and then take the train in the same direction within the valid time to arrive." He spent 26.1 yuan to buy a train ticket from Shenyang to Chengdu. He took advantage of the loophole that the train ticket is "valid within seven days", divided the journey into sections, got off at Beijing, Zhengzhou, Xi'an and other stations and changed the ticket, and played all the way to Chengdu. When I returned to Shenyang, I changed another route and visited Baoji, Taiyuan and Tianjin.

I majored in accounting in college and has many years of procurement experience in multinational companies. Zhu Zhaorui, who is good at calculation, has a catchphrase - "price ratio". What he is most proud of is "during travel, walk with your mind and find the best cost performance". He is good at collecting and using information. He once flew from Brussels, Belgium to London, England with an air ticket equivalent to RMB 8 cents.In the United States, I stayed in five-star hotels that were paid for.

No wonder even Xu Xiaoping, the director of the New Oriental Culture Research Institute who has lived abroad for many years, asked him to buy air tickets for vacations in France and Switzerland. "I bought him a ticket from Geneva to Paris for only 10 yuan," Zhu Zhaorui said. "The normal fare is two to three thousand yuan." Purchasing, hehe, it’s just that I’m purchasing air tickets.” Zhu Zhaorui enjoys his 10-year purchasing career, “From airplane flights, train schedules to hotel choices, my seemingly chaotic round-the-world routes are actually every stop. It is the result of careful consideration and scientific calculation."

Zhu Zhaorui never expected that a trip around the world would change his destiny.

Before the trip, he worked in a Fortune 500 supermarket in the UK. After returning to China, under the prestige, he had to give up the job with a considerable annual salary, and with the concept of "economic travel", he was invited to give speeches in hundreds of colleges and universities as if he was "obsessed". "I used my personal experience to convince them that if you want, anyone can play with the world!"

Hundreds of public speakings in two years, Zhu Zhaorui earned 800,000 yuan from publishing books The royalties are over. When doing a program on Phoenix Satellite TV, the host Dou Wentao asked him about his next plan. He said: "The money in my pocket is gone, it's time to find a job to earn money." After the program was broadcast, IKEA, Wal-Mart, Carrefour and other multinational supermarkets all sought him out through headhunters.

"When everyone was working on the Red Ocean (meaning the known market space), I chose the Blue Ocean (meaning the new market space with huge demand)." Zhu Zhaorui did not become the store manager of the supermarket, He convinced investors with his business plan and obtained venture capital. This summer, he registered Zhaorui Global Network in Beijing's CBD business district.

Different from travel agencies, he promotes free travel and formulates best cost-effective travel plans around the world according to tourists' requirements. "Frankly speaking, my advantage is the combination of resources, which is the most economical way to connect each city in the trip with a rope." Zhu Zhaorui gestured, "To put it bluntly, I am an international travel consultant."

Currently, Zhu Zhaorui's website is launching a series of activities of "Around the World with $3,000". In mid-November, he will bring the second group of people who dream of traveling around the world to realize their dreams.

"When I come back, I will write a book about my travels. The title of the book is "$3,000, I Travel Around the World Again." Zhu Zhaorui said happily.

Inspirational story: take you around the world with ,000

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