Inspirational Stories: Finding the Next Yes

An American housewife named Cindy had a whim one day and wanted to rely on her own strength to buy a house of more than 600 square meters within 3 years. For a housewife, this is really an impossible plan. Cindy decides to write a bestseller, which sells a million copies. She told her husband this idea, but was laughed at in return.

Cindy thought: what others can do, I can do too. She kept telling herself: I will be successful, my book will sell 10 million copies within 3 years, wealth will flood in, and all doors of opportunity will be opened for me. With such self-confirmation, Cindy started to act.

Cindy feels that the market for her book is women. She finds that women are under a lot of pressure at work, or they are not understood by their husbands. She wants to bring them some happiness, so that they will introduce the book to their friends around them. Cindy felt that her readers usually went to supermarkets, beauty salons, etc., so she specifically called the supermarket buyer and the owner of the beauty salon.

She sells her book directly to others: "I am an author of such-and-such, and I recently published a book that will definitely become a bestseller. I believe this book is in your supermarket, Put it in your clothing store, in your beauty salon, it should help you earn a lot of money." She said, "I will send you a sample booklet, and I will call you again in a week. "

The great thing about Cindy is that she never asks others: "Are you interested in buying?" Instead, she directly asks: "How many copies do you want to order?" A week later, she called The phone asked: "I'm Cindy, have you read my book? Are you going to order 5,000 or 10,000?" The other party said: "Cindy, you may not understand, our supermarket has never ordered any There are more than 2,500 books." Cindy said: "Does waiting for the past equal the future?" The other party said: "Not equal." "So there is always a beginning, are you going to order 5,000 copies or 10,000 copies?" The other party said: "Then... I'll order 4,000 copies." That's how the first deal was done.

Cindy called and asked the second person: "I'm Cindy, have you received my book? Are you about to order 10,000 copies or 20,000 copies?" The other party said: "Your book is very humorous, I I and my colleagues appreciate it very much. But we have never ordered such a large amount of books, I will order 4000 copies."

Cindy said: "You are insulting me, you only ordered 4000 copies? You ordered 4,000 copies for a chain store as big as yours? You not only insulted me, but also yourself, don’t you even believe that your chain store can sell?” The other party was taken aback and asked: “How many copies does an average person order? ?” Cindy said: “10,000 to 20,000 copies.” The other party was persuaded by her: “Then I will order 12000 copies! "

Afterwards, Cindy sold books to the army. The other party told Cindy: "People here won't be interested, we are all men here, you can't sell any books in our place . Cindy asked: "Who is your boss?" "No, my boss can't buy it either!" "Cindy doesn't want to listen to "No", what she wants to hear is "Yes", she said: "Give this book to your boss, I will call your boss next week, and I will not call you." "

As a result, a week later, the other party called and said: "Cindy, my boss said that we decided to order 4000 copies. "Because his boss is a woman, she thought: "I am punished by male soldiers like this every day, now I will make a book to punish you." "

It doesn't matter how many people say "No" to you, the important thing is to find the next person who says "Yes". This is an experience Cindy has. Her book has never been in any A bookstore once sold it, and it was sold by herself. Relying on her unyielding belief and ingenious marketing methods, Cindy's book sold a full 1.4 million copies! After that, she wrote several books, all of which were very popular. Until this At that time, what Cindy wanted to realize was not as simple as buying a big house.

Inspirational Stories: Finding the Next Yes

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