Family love story: maternal love, an eternal theme

Maternal love, an eternal theme. When I typed these words on the keyboard, I suddenly stopped.

An inexplicable suffocation made me feel pain. A sour taste filled the nose. Eyes sting.

I think of my mother's shambling figure and gray hair...

The alarm clock rang at 9 o'clock today, and I got up reluctantly, because today I have to go out with my mother to do some errands .

If not, I never go shopping with my mother. Several times, my mother asked me to go out on the street, but I refused to go.

My mother didn't blame me, but just told me lightly: So-and-so in the village often went shopping with *** mother.

When I heard it, I felt very painful. But still haven't been there with my mother.

If there is not something important today, I am afraid I will not go.

The sun is very hot. I kept complaining in my heart that my mother chose to go out at this time.

I walk ahead quickly. Mother followed closely behind. And I have been complaining about my mother.

She seemed ashamed of me, and suggested in a low voice: "Why don't you go by car first, I'll come later, I'm used to walking."

"I'm used to walking It's gone." When I heard this, a corner of my heart suddenly became clean as if it had rained heavily.

I turned my head and looked at my mother, and my heart suddenly calmed down.

I said: "No hurry, I will walk slowly with you."

When crossing the road, I supported my mother.

Suddenly discovered that my mother was much older. The white hair nearly spread across her head...

I have an illiterate mother.

My mother, who can't read a single word, once told me that before, it wasn't that the family didn't have money. It's that she can't read.

I fell ill as soon as I went to school, and lost my life several times. I laughed at Mother Feudal. Where is such a thing.

Mother insisted on seeing. Still stubbornly said, it is true. Later, I stopped going to school, so I didn't get sick anymore.

I laughed it off. Disdain to argue with mother.

When I was young, I never felt that my mother was inferior.

Gradually, grow up. I began to dislike my mother for this and that.

When I was in junior high school, the school often held parent-teacher meetings. Every time we come back, we ask our busy dad to go. Never called mother.

Because the mother is illiterate. Even if the report card is sent to her, she may not understand it.

But Dad often doesn't go to participate because of his work.

When my mother asked her to go, I lost my temper and complained that my mother was illiterate. I went to the teacher and classmates to make jokes.

Mother said nothing. Do your chores quietly.

One time, my father said it was okay to go, but he couldn't go because of something.

Mother has gone. When she came back, I was very upset. I said what are you going to do?

Don't understand anything? Mess up!

Mom handed me the report card she got back. Said: "You failed the math test this time, so you are ranked lower. Work harder next time!"

I was stunned. How did my mother know? Did someone tell you that?

My mother said, although I don't know how to read, as long as I see those three characters, I know it's your name.

I am speechless. Tears trickled down. My illiterate mother didn't know any words, but she remembered my name by heart.

Later, I asked my mother, have you ever learned my name?

My mother said no, she just got to know her after watching too much. I asked my mother to read more in the future to know all other characters.

My mother shook her head, I can't remember other words. Read it and forget it. I laughed, maybe this is maternal love.

I am an illiterate mother. I have an illiterate heart. Never really got to know my mother. For this, I would like to bow down and apologize to my mother.

I have a mother with a heart as wide as the sea.

Mother is tolerant, and her tolerance makes me ashamed. It makes me feel inferior.

Father has a woman outside. And a girl was born. Later, after breaking up with that woman.

The father consulted the mother. Take that kid home.

I don't understand. asked mother. Mother said: Although I hate him very much. But the child is innocent.

After she came back, her mother was very kind to her. Much better than us. Our sisters are even more psychologically unbalanced.

Wonder: Who is your own?

Families in the vicinity of tens of miles know about my family. Very often, many adults will tell me.

*** Mom is so kind and generous. All famous. Not all biological daughters are treated so well.

I listened, very happy. To my ears, I thought it was a sarcasm for my mother.

Maybe they laughed at their mother. And while ridiculing, I also sprinkled salt in my heart.

I hate my father, all the pain seems to be caused by him.

He hurt his mother like this. But his mother didn't hate him. I don't see my mother hating him.

Because the mother was able to be so good to his child with another woman. And that child has nothing to do with her.

"Mom, do you hate Dad?" I always looked at my mother with puzzled eyes.

If you hate, why are you so nice to his illegitimate daughter? Even better than your own daughter.

My mother smiled and touched my head. Tell me word for word.

Of course I hate your dad, but hating is another matter. Treating her well is a responsibility. Precisely because she is not my own.

I want to treat her better! Understand? If I treat her badly, how will others treat me?

Besides, it is an adult who made a mistake, not a child, she is innocent...

My mother said a lot, I listened and kept it in my heart. Although I was young at that time, I didn't understand anything.

But I finally understand why so many people praise my mother for being kind and generous.

From then on, I especially admired my mother, even though she had no culture.

But the quality of her always affects me.

I learned tolerance from my mother. But my tolerance is far inferior to that of my mother. For this, I am ashamed.

Ask yourself. If I were a mother, would I be so nice to my husband's illegitimate daughter without any qualms?

I don't think I'll ever make it. Dear readers, how many of you can actually do it?

My mother, I am proud of having such a mother.

I have a complete mother, but I can only enjoy one-fifth of maternal love.

Since I was young, I have envied those only children very much. Because what they get is 100% maternal love.

But I can only enjoy one-fifth of my mother's love.

There are 5 sisters and brothers, and I am the third. Those in the middle tend to get the least attention.

When I was young, I often quarreled and fought. Especially with my sister. Either my fault or her fault.

I'm always the one who gets punished. I understand unfairness. Protest to mother. mother said.

Because you are a sister. I don't understand, just because it's my sister. Is it possible to distinguish between right and wrong?

Just because I'm the older sister, are you putting all the blame on me?

At that time, I thought I hated my mother. Because her love for other sisters makes me jealous. It drives me crazy even more.

I always think, she is also her daughter, why is she so special to me?

Yes, there is no cute appearance, no proud achievements. But I am also her daughter.

With complaints to my mother, I gradually grew up. Watch all this with cold eyes.

She is as good as ever to the other sisters. And I'm always the one left out.

For a long time, I thought that my mother never loved me. But I was wrong.

There is no mother who does not love her children.

I am not in good health, and I get cold easily in winter.

When I go to school every day, my mother always checks the clothes I wear.

Once there are fewer, they will strictly order me to wear a few more. I'm bored. ignore it.

Finally fell ill,My mother would chatter and scold me for being disobedient.

Unlike other sisters, she always worries about her.

Seeing my mother serve me tea and water, my heart suddenly hurts.

Mother always worries about us, but never thinks about herself.

I think, mother's love, everything is in words, reflected in the details of life.

Although I can only enjoy one-fifth of maternal love. But being able to become a mother's daughter, what is it but happiness?

Also, the other 4 brothers and sisters who are blood thick and water. How can I complain about my mother again?

I have an understanding mother.

Since we were young, our mother never forced us to study.

Family love story: maternal love, an eternal theme

Let us learn as we please. Even if duck eggs appear on the report card.

She was just joking too. You have duck eggs to eat today, they are so big.

She never punished us severely for grades. Not to mention how many points must be taken in the exam.

In school, classmates complained that their parents were strict with them. Always urge their study.

I said, my parents never force us to study.

They envy me. In fact, I envy them even more. Some people take care of themselves. Are people always like this?

I long for it when I don't have it, and hate it when I have it.

I hope that my parents will be stricter with me and take care of myself.

But they never did this to me, especially my mother.

My mother said: "Reading is your business. If you don't want to learn and we force you, it will be self-defeating.

It may harm you. If you want to learn, don't I need any supervision and control from others. I can learn well.

I am grateful to my mother. I have never been like other students since I was a child. Damn stick, punished, yelling grew up. Worrying about grades, worrying about grades.

I have always been happy, at least academically.

Senior year The first semester. I encountered some setbacks. I wanted to give up on myself. Give up on my studies.

For two whole days, I didn’t ask for leave or go to school. I hid in my room and surfed the Internet day and night.

My mother asked why I didn’t go to school? I said I didn’t want to go. My mother didn’t ask me any more, just said something.

Go when you want to go. I cried and said, I I don’t want to read anymore.

I really thought my mother would scold me, but she didn’t. Ask me calmly.

“What would you do if you don’t read? Think it through yourself, and I respect your decision. "

I cried. While my mother said to respect my decision, I had already given up the idea of ??dropping out of school.

MotherDear respect me, how can I not respect her? I know she doesn't want me like this.

Later, when my sister found out, she only said one sentence to me: If you give up, I will look down on you!

I'm crying, can I give up? The words my sister said are exactly the voice of my mother.

I have an ugly mother.

The mother is a rural woman. Dealing with mud every day. It's not that she is not beautiful, but she has no chance to dress up properly.

It is impossible to dress up beautifully every day like a classmate's mother.

A lot of times, I don't want those wealthy classmates to come to my home. Just because they don't want them to see their mother.

Because my mother would make me feel ashamed. Because the mother is not beautiful.

As the saying goes, the son does not show the ugliness of the mother. I also understand this truth. I don't dislike my mother. It's my damned pride at work.

Once, my mother went shopping and bought a piece of clothing. She is very happy. Said it was only 10 yuan a piece. He said he would try it for me.

She tried it and found it didn't quite fit. Because I didn't give it a try when I bought it.

She said it's okay, it will loosen after wearing it for a long time. I looked at my mother's uncomfortable appearance in that dress. I feel very uncomfortable.

It was so sour that tears came out. I secretly wiped away my tears. Tell my mother not to wear it and buy it again.

It's not that the family can't afford it. The same goes for shoes, don't wear Jiefang shoes. My mother said that the shoes are very durable, and the next field is the best.

I really want to hug my mother and cry. But no, I can only cry in my heart.

My thrifty and simple mother! How can I compose a hymn for you?

Since then, I have never been afraid to let my classmates know that I have a mother who is not beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside.

From then on, I swore secretly in my heart: When I have the ability in the future, I must let my mother wear the most beautiful and comfortable clothes!

Mum must wear the best and warmest shoes!

I have an optimistic and strong mother.

Mother, the one who smiles in the face of pain and difficulty.

How much pain her father's betrayal and injury brought her. But I never saw my mother shed a single tear.

I worked hard for my family, for us, and for my life, but I never cried or said I was tired.

She brings us all smiles and happiness. And how much pain and pain she has to bear alone.

But she never flinched or gave up. Believe in the beauty of life.

My mother made me understand.

Face the pain. Even if there are thousands of reasons to cry, we must face it with a smile!

I have the best mother in the world.

The best mother is always your own mother.

Trust the readerThey also think that in their hearts, their mothers will always be the best in the world.

I finished this article with tears. Love is not deep, tears do not flow.

At this time, no amount of words can express my love for my mother.

Just a few words, a deep affection, just for the mother who gave birth to me, raised me and loved me.

Wish all mothers in the world always be healthy and happy!

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