Complete thoughts on watching "Wuwen Xidong"

My thoughts on watching "Wuwen Xidong"

Introduction: "Wuwen Xidong" is a film to celebrate the centenary of Tsinghua University. The sense of age is very strong, with four stories from different backgrounds interspersed back and forth, and the four narrative lines are coherent, making the whole film full of passion and warmth. Below, the editor of Inspirational has sorted out my impressions of watching "Wuwen Xidong", welcome to read.

Part 1:

Different stories, same feelings

Before I hesitated for a long time, I don’t know whether to watch "Wuwen Xidong", because some friends around me think the plot is logical Confused, and too pretentious. But after watching the movie, I feel that the advantages of the movie far outweigh the disadvantages. Some people may think that the main line of the movie is chaotic, but after watching it, I found that the protagonists of these four stories are actually closely connected, the plot is coherent, and the relationship between the front and back is clearly explained. First of all, Wu Linglan, he thought for a long time, and finally chose to go to liberal arts, and then there was the scene of Shen Jiayao listening to him speak Tagore's poetry collection at the United Nations University, which made Shen Jiayao understand the real power, and encouraged him to obey his inner call to join the army. Only then did the feat of feeding in the air, and then the character played by Huang Xiaoming survived the war and famine, and finally grew into an important force for the successful development of the atomic bomb in New China. At the same time, his good friend Li Xiang gave up his comfortable life in the city and rescued his teammates in times of crisis, so that the parents of the hero in the fourth story survived. Therefore, everything is because there are countless such people with lofty ideals in China, and it is they who make China's future full of hope. From this point of view, the idea of ??the film is very clear.

In addition, one of the most valuable points of the film is that it boldly filmed the history on the eve of the Cultural Revolution. In the film, there are only struggles between people. Many people face women with whom they have never had anything to do, and they actually hold the banner of the so-called "down with counter-revolutionaries". The character played by Zhang Ziyi almost died. Overall, the film seems real and touching.

Part 2:

I heard very early on that after the filming of this star-studded tome, there is no way to start. It is also scanned, it is about the review of Tsinghua University's gift, it involves the tragic move to the west, and it has a little bit of a new theme. The many evaluations encountered by the film are complicated and confusing, comparable to the "Romantic Disappearance History" the year before last.

This kind of surprise can almost put "Wu Wen Xi Dong" and "Fang Hua", "Donkey Gets Water", "Romantic Demise History" together, as a test for mate selectiontry. Someone commented on one of the movies, saying that every word written by some people is very beautiful, but when put together, it looks awkward no matter how you look at it. Sister Cat also said, "Wuwen Xidong" is like you receive a note with Kant written on it, the handwriting is quite ugly, but you still want to pass this note to another person.

One of the most shocking passages in "Wuwen Xidong" comes from the jet in 1962. A history that should not be forgotten. Starring Zhang Ziyi and Huang Xiaoming, in order to tell what a nucleus is, they imitated accelerated atoms and traveled through the Tsinghua Park, successfully completing a proposition composition and the promotional task of the film.

But the tragic story triggered by a threatening letter is one of the reasons I like this movie (even if it is wrong). The meeting and commendation meeting in the same time and space, crazy cursing here, warm applause there, horrible absurdity and strong irony, the collective mindless fanaticism is enough to tear a person's body. What is true? Is it the lines that Huang Xiaoming yelled out. I don't think so, the bloody face here is the one that removes the false and preserves the true.

This is a movie that is far from perfect, and I don’t think the lines in it can be called golden sentences, but when the movie I watched ended, many people were about to leave the movie theater , but stood, watched the end credits, enumerating the master's voice. I believe it may not be because of the high level of cultural quality of the audience. It is more meaningful to accept such a movie and be incited to tears than to gossip about celebrity cheating all night. I really think so. Of course we have no right to interfere with others, but we can change ourselves.

Part 3:

The movie "Wu Wen Xi Dong" is on the air recently, and I also went to beat it up. With a little expectation, I also find some leisure for the busy time.

Complete thoughts on watching "Wuwen Xidong"

It is different from the movies I usually see: the plot has been performed from modern times to the era of wars and wars, and then back to modern times. Thoughts kept coming and going, and at the beginning I really felt a little confused about "Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden". After watching it, savor it carefully, ponder it slowly, and then read the introduction of the plot. It turns out that "Wuwen Xidong" is about the youth of four generations, the youth of four generations, and the passion of four generations. The film shows the confusion of four generations of young scholars in poverty. The classic line is: "Give yourself to busyness, and what you get is steadiness, but not truth." The character of veteran intellectuals during the war, the classic line is: "What is lacking in this era is not perfect people, what is lacking is sincerity, justice, fearlessness and sympathy from the heart." When you are hit, remember your preciousness and resist malice; when you are confused, firmly believe in your preciousness. Love what you love, do what you do, listen to your heart, and don’t ask questions.” Maintain kindness in materialistic times in peacetime Chuxin, the classic line is: "What you see and hear often frustrates you. The world is so powerful that you can't think of changing them. But if you have the opportunity to understand your life in advance, you know that youth is nothing but Only these days, I don’t know if you still care about the things that the world wants you to care about.”. The four narrative lines are coherent, making the whole film full of passion and warmth without being hypocritical.

From the movie "Wuwen Xidong", I understand the preciousness of life and the fearlessness of youth. It also makes me understand that our generation is too impetuous. He succeeds quickly, but sometimes he forgets his original intention, just like Zhang Guoguo in the play, when he returned from sweeping the grave, he finally saw his heart clearly. Although the sentence "I am different from others" is soft and gentle, it is so powerful. What our age lacks is not talents, but people who maintain their original aspirations for themselves and remain in awe of things.

The movie ends with this line: May you remember your preciousness and resist malice when you are hit; may you firmly believe in your preciousness when you are confused, love what you love, and do what you do OK, listen to your heart, don't ask questions. It is really a classic, let me understand that in any era, at any time, we must not forget our original intention, be the best of ourselves, and be a kind and dedicated person.

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