Chinese Celebrities: Keep Your Promise

One day, Qi Baishi's family saw that Mr. Qi stayed in the studio and did not come out. They were very worried. After all, Mr. Qi was 85 years old. According to past habits, Mr. Qi should come out for activities. Why have you been bored in the studio for so long today? The family pushed the door open, and Mr. Qi kept shouting: "Go, go, don't bother me. I haven't finished my task today." The family saw that there were 4 new paintings on the painting table, and Mr. Qi only Draw a picture. I drew 4 pictures today, how do you say "I haven't finished the task yet"?

After a while, the family opened the door again and went in. They saw Mr. Qi lying on the table, trying to get up and stretch, but almost fell down because of overwork. The family hurried to help them, and saw the fifth painting next to it, and there was an inscription on the painting: "Yesterday, there was a lot of wind and rain, and I was restless. I didn't paint. I made a supplement today. It's not just a day's leisure." "

Originally, Mr. Qi once set a rule for himself: no matter it is windy or rainy, no matter how busy the visitor is, he must draw a picture every day, and it is not a day to be idle. .

But after all, Mr. Qi is not a young man. He is so old but has worked so hard. What if something happens to him? Therefore, his family members said: Why don't you just not paint for a day, why do you suffer yourself so much? Qi Lao said: "What are you talking about?" If you violate the rules you make yourself, if you don't keep your promises, what else can you do?

Do you want to keep your promise to yourself?

Chinese Celebrities: Keep Your Promise

Oh, there are many people who do not keep other people's promises, but there may be more people who do not keep their own promises.

We often do not keep our promises. "From today onwards, I will study hard, and I will not do anything more fun." However, there is a cicada singing outside, and my heart has already flown away; "Tomorrow, I will definitely get up early in the morning and go to exercise. "But the next day the sun was high, and I was still in love with the bed; "I must find a job, even if I set up a shoe-shine stall, even if I do a small job in mud." However, as soon as I saw the outside In the hot sunshine, I went to find someone to play mahjong...

We often do not keep our Fu Nuo. "This year, I will go to the beach to play." However, at the end of the year, I am still busy at work and haven't played a day; Put it." However, I was reluctant to put an extra spoonful of cooking oil, and when I went to the store, I held the beautiful clothes in my hand for a long time, and then put it down again; "The children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren."Fu, stop worrying about your children and grandchildren. "However, those who bear burdens for their children and grandchildren are still picked, and those who are cattle and horses for their children and grandchildren are still doing it; "I want to go home often to have a look and enjoy the family happiness. "However, 365 days a year, how many times have we not gone back...

We often do not keep our promises. "I want to be a big boss. "However, seeing the boss working so hard all day long, he retreated; "I want to be a scholar. "However, seeing scholars sitting on cold benches day and night, their spirits faded and they lost interest; "I want to be a painter. "However, after drawing eggs a few times, I found it boring, my heart turned gray, and I turned around; "I want to be a mathematician, a physicist, a chemist..." But, in the end, I felt that it would be easier to go to parties with others, and it would be more comfortable to make more money, my wife Children are more realistic when they are hot on the kang, so they regard those promises to themselves as a joke. Let's go to read my childhood composition, look through my diary of a teenager, and listen to my youth's speech. How many vows have you made? Always stick to it? How many ideals have you been fighting for?

Life, it is difficult to keep others' promises, and it is even more difficult to keep your own promises. Who can be like Qi Baishi is the same, at the age of 85, is he still promising himself?

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