Character of the Year: Master Wuxin 2: What is Bai Chuanlin's shikigami? What is their origin?

The big villain Bai Chuanlin in "Wuxin Mage 2", his ultimate move is shikigami, and it is very powerful. So do you know who first proposed Shikigami?

The "shi" and "servant" of "shikigami" have the same pronunciation, which means that shikigami is a kind of mountain goblin who serves the master, and is known as "Japanese Jiang Ziya". Initiated by Seimei Abe. "Daijing" records that Seimei used Shikigami like a servant, and often ordered Shikigami to pour tea and open the door.

Character of the Year: Master Wuxin 2: What is Bai Chuanlin's shikigami? What is their origin?

A few times, Bai Chuanlin used the shikigami he subdued to help him deal with Wuxin and Taotao. These shikigami also have their own magical powers, and they look very powerful. First, there are animal heads that attack Taotao in the middle of the night, monsters with human bodies, and then there is a black shadow monster, a resentful girl's soul, and the spider that Bai Chuanlin often uses, etc. These shikigami were trapped by Bai Chuanlin on one piece of porcelain after another, as if there was something like a seal.

"Midouguan Baiji" also records a deed of Shikigami's supernatural powers. It was about Seimei going to the palace to meet the Emperor of Japan, and met a Tibetan major general on the way, and suddenly a bird appeared and shit on the major general's head. Seimei saw it, and immediately recognized the bird as a shikigami, and the shit it shit was the way to cast a curse. Major General Qingming took

back to Fuchu, where he spent the whole night The major will remove the curse. Later, someone confessed to Qingming that he found an onmyoji to curse and kill the major general, because Qingming failed, and the shikigami finally killed the onmyoji who cast the spell.

We don't know what Shikigami is? However, there is a record about Seimei turning paper into shikigami in the official Japanese historical material "Manuscript Daigo Emperor Shiro". Nowadays, in various novels and film and television works, mythical elements such as "shikigami" are often added to enrich the plot.

What are the shikigami?

Inugami, Inugie, Yufuling, Earthbound Spirit, Fanzuna, Yakumo Blue, Orange.

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