Bedtime Story: The Pheasant and the Phoenix

A man from Chu country met a villager carrying a pheasant on the road when he was going out. Because the man had never seen a pheasant before, when he saw a pheasant with beautiful feathers and a slender tail, he decided that it was not a vulgar thing. He curiously asked the villager, "What kind of bird did you pick?" Seeing that he didn't know a pheasant, the villager casually said, "It's a phoenix." Said: "I only heard about the Phoenix before, but I finally saw the Phoenix today! Can you sell it to me?" The villager said: "Yes." The Chu man offered ten gold. The villager thought: "Since this fool regards it as a phoenix, how can I only sell it for ten gold?" When the villager doubled the selling price, he sold the pheasant.

The Chu man happily took the pheasant home, planning to leave the next day to present the "Phoenix" to the King of Chu. But who would have thought that the pheasant would die overnight. The man from Chu looked at the stiff pheasant that had lost its aura, and suddenly felt the darkness in front of his eyes. At this moment, there was no thought of being stingy with money in his mind, but he was heartbroken that he could not dedicate this auspicious fetish to the King of Chu.

This matter was widely spread, and soon the King of Chu knew about it. Although the King of Chu did not get the Phoenix, he was moved by the loyalty of the man who wanted to offer the Phoenix to him. The king of Chu sent someone to summon the Chu man who wanted to offer a phoenix to the palace, and gave him 10 times more gold than he paid for the pheasant.

Hypocritical people do their best to deceive, while honest and kind people treat others blindly with their loyalty when they don't know the truth.

Bedtime Story: The Pheasant and the Phoenix

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