Bedtime Story: The Kind White Rabbit

The red horse fell seriously ill on the way to the little white rabbit's house. The little white rabbit enthusiastically helped the red horse into the house, gave it water to drink, gave it food to eat, and invited the sika deer doctor to treat it.

The red horse's illness gradually recovered, but it ate a lot. In a few days, it ate up all the food stored by the little white rabbit and the vegetables in the vegetable garden. As soon as the red horse was growing strong and left, the black goat said something sarcastic to the little white rabbit: "Fool! Let the red horse, who has never met before, eat up all the food. Let me see what you will eat in the future?"

Bedtime Story: The Kind White Rabbit

The little white rabbit said indifferently: "The red horse is very sick, I can't bear to see him die! It doesn't matter if there is no food for a while, just dig more wild vegetables and pick some wild fruits and you'll be fine!" The black goat still shook his head and said, "Anyway, I wouldn't do such a stupid thing like you!"

A few days later, suddenly four red horses came to the little white rabbit's house, Each horse carried a long bag on its back, which was full of radishes, cabbage, corn, soybeans... so much that it couldn't even fit the little white rabbit's house.

The black goat said enviously: "The red horse really has a conscience. You can't finish eating so much delicious food in three years. It seems that good intentions are rewarded!"

The little white rabbit said: "Anyway, I can't eat so much, you can take some. In fact, everyone will encounter difficulties and misfortunes. If everyone can have a kind heart, the world will become a better place." How wonderful!"

After hearing what the little white rabbit said, the black goat's face turned red suddenly.

xywr(60.207.252.*) Posted on: 2008-01-16 Meaningful, those who help others will not be forgotten, in response to "good people get rewarded".

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